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The Extreme Sport That Is Driving In Kampala

Three. That is the number of dog carcasses I have seen the last week. Lying spread-eagled  in the middle of the road, right at that central line. Blood and hair and guts. I never see any bones, just red and... Continue Reading →


look at you with your slithering tongue dripping honey sweetness for my lips shredding my every defence   you with those intense wondrous eyes full of promise and ice seeing through me telling no tales   you with those tender... Continue Reading →


i wanted you to want me like he did to love her less than you did to look into my heart and tell the story of a girl who sowed love on a sandy beach the waves came back for you... Continue Reading →

First published by Processing my passport has been on every “To-Do” list I have made for the last 7 months. I kept putting it off, largely because it wasn’t urgent and from what I’d heard, the process was quite... Continue Reading →

The Face of Uganda’s Struggle against Cancer.

Over the past five years, many fundraisers in the form of car washes, marathons, movies have been held in support of cancer patients and generally in the fight against cancer. Over time, we have seen the #SaveCarol campaign in April... Continue Reading →

I have a giant scar on my left shoulder. It is about three centimetres long and one inch thick, for now. Sometimes I have bad dreams that I will wake up one morning and find scar where my arm once... Continue Reading →

The CanCer MoveMent..

Love, Pain And More love.


This is no ordinary Blog post, THIS IS A CANCER MOVEMENT…

This did not start today, No today we wage WAR…

Today we are running 20 laps instead of three,

Today we are writing 4blogs in the place of One…. Because

This is no ordinary blog post, THIS IS A CANCER MOVEMENT..

Yesterday you woke me up to go to work, Today i woke you up to try and swallow 2 spoonfuls of water.

Yesterday I sat on yo lap, Today I helped you lift your hand for a better position..

Yesterday you Bought me Java’s Caribbean jerk, Today you crave it but can’t have it..

we were both not not ready for this PAIN, but it came and it waged WAR…

NOW we raise up too…. WE ARE WAGING WAR.

We will fight and Make my words SWORDS we will WIN, WE WILL WIN..

These knees will change address…

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It was when he said the fifth Amen in the same sentence that I began to question my presence in his church. His name was projected on the large screen in block orange letters, the chair I was seated on,... Continue Reading →

The Geography Of Pain.

How does it feel? She brought her head down to her  knees, mimicking my featal position as she tried to get a closer look at my misery. I was clutching at my stomach, applying as much pressure as my trembling... Continue Reading →

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