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Aid Data: Tracking Foreign Aid For Efficient Service Delivery and Accountability

Uganda has a paradoxical relationship with foreign aid. Whereas many are of the view that it is a barrier to recipient country’s development and sustainable growth, there is evidence that it has helped countries to develop and set them on... Continue Reading →


Harnessing Rough Patches For A Better Life Experience

The end of 2015 found me in a rut! The one year I left all my To-Dos unchecked. Christmas, my favorite holiday sucked in 2015, and so did New Year’s. I went into 2016 in a rut. Big mistake. In... Continue Reading →

The CanCer MoveMent..

Love, Pain And More love.


This is no ordinary Blog post, THIS IS A CANCER MOVEMENT…

This did not start today, No today we wage WAR…

Today we are running 20 laps instead of three,

Today we are writing 4blogs in the place of One…. Because

This is no ordinary blog post, THIS IS A CANCER MOVEMENT..

Yesterday you woke me up to go to work, Today i woke you up to try and swallow 2 spoonfuls of water.

Yesterday I sat on yo lap, Today I helped you lift your hand for a better position..

Yesterday you Bought me Java’s Caribbean jerk, Today you crave it but can’t have it..

we were both not not ready for this PAIN, but it came and it waged WAR…

NOW we raise up too…. WE ARE WAGING WAR.

We will fight and Make my words SWORDS we will WIN, WE WILL WIN..

These knees will change address…

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Whatever keeps your thoughts rolling at night, do it. Whatever screams at you so loud that you can not ignore it, Do it. Do what you want to do, what you love to do. Do it and do it well.... Continue Reading →

What does climate change mean to you? What are the implications of the climatic changes the earth is undergoing on our livelihood? What have we done to stall these changes and make sure the future generations find a planet as... Continue Reading →

Eulogy Secrets: by Shayera Dark

Wow! This went straight to the heart.


I hate eulogies. Like political campaign speeches, they’re fancy, empty words seldom reflecting the true feelings of the speaker for the deceased. Why speak this flowery language to the dust if it was unspoken between breaths? Why compose beautiful odes to yesterdays that can’t be appreciated by the muse? We rely on the living for that. Eulogies are polished until they can wring hearts and tingle tear ducts. Well received, it elicits praise from mourners, stroking the ego of the speaker. And yet, here I am rehearsing one in my head.

I’m sitting next to your mom and two sons. Your husband is markedly absent for reasons you already know. Your mom’s white handkerchief is stained a light brown from wiping sweat, and sometimes tears. She’s staring straight ahead at the reverend sermonising. I look down at the words I’ll be reading to the mourning crowd in a few minutes…

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2016 is coming to a fast end, and If you are to develop one habit this year, let it be jogging. With the increased rate of death from lifestyle related diseases, we need to do our part in creating healthy... Continue Reading →

It was Christmas again. Time to spread cheer and break bread with the people that had put me six feet under, said endless prayers for God to keep me safe and affirmed my being in a better place. I had... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it is not well with my soul. I'm not having a moment, I'm not low on Faith, and I’m not being pessimistic. It simply is, not well. Maybe something happened that needs processing and eventually absolving. Some tears really... Continue Reading →

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