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Sharing Domestic and Care Work to Harmonize Men and Women’s Efforts in a Fast Changing World.

We look at men carrying babies and washing bottles with admiration and gratitude while women doing these same things are barely noticed, because this is their role. When men cook in their homes, it is cause for celebration and an... Continue Reading →


Rolls and Flabs: In The Beginning, We Are Mostly Little  People Until We Get Fat

I always try not to tell this story. I fail. I could probably try harder but sometimes you have a story that is dying to get out and like a fart, the more you suppress it, the harder it fights... Continue Reading →

Aid Data: Tracking Foreign Aid For Efficient Service Delivery and Accountability

Uganda has a paradoxical relationship with foreign aid. Whereas many are of the view that it is a barrier to recipient country’s development and sustainable growth, there is evidence that it has helped countries to develop and set them on... Continue Reading →

Hepatits B

Waking up early has never been my thing. Much as I love watching the orange sun rays pierce through the fog that blankets the swamps bordering the Northern Bypass on my way to work, I often hit the road long... Continue Reading →

Down By That Little Treasure In Kabale

At this point, writing about Lake Bunyonyi feels about as redundant as telling your friend who just got bit by a stray dog to run and get a tetanus shot! Lake Bunyonyi is beautiful, everyone knows it, everyone has written... Continue Reading →

I Do Not Need a Job, God Provides for My Every Need

It was one of those rainy mid-week mornings when I saw him at the entrance of the New taxi park, Abdu Rukamuhena,  inaudibly screaming, using up what was left of his voice to remind us all of the Second Coming... Continue Reading →

The Mechanics of Street Preaching: Called to serve

I have always held a special curiosity about open air preachers. What is the catch? Is it evangelism all the way or is there monetary attachment? The scorching sun and the unforgiving drizzles, the looks of reproach from uninterested people... Continue Reading →

First published by Processing my passport has been on every “To-Do” list I have made for the last 7 months. I kept putting it off, largely because it wasn’t urgent and from what I’d heard, the process was quite... Continue Reading →

The Face of Uganda’s Struggle against Cancer.

Over the past five years, many fundraisers in the form of car washes, marathons, movies have been held in support of cancer patients and generally in the fight against cancer. Over time, we have seen the #SaveCarol campaign in April... Continue Reading →

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