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Harnessing Rough Patches For A Better Life Experience

The end of 2015 found me in a rut! The one year I left all my To-Dos unchecked. Christmas, my favorite holiday sucked in 2015, and so did New Year’s. I went into 2016 in a rut. Big mistake. In... Continue Reading →


Hepatits B

Waking up early has never been my thing. Much as I love watching the orange sun rays pierce through the fog that blankets the swamps bordering the Northern Bypass on my way to work, I often hit the road long... Continue Reading →

Down By That Little Treasure In Kabale

At this point, writing about Lake Bunyonyi feels about as redundant as telling your friend who just got bit by a stray dog to run and get a tetanus shot! Lake Bunyonyi is beautiful, everyone knows it, everyone has written... Continue Reading →

The Extreme Sport That Is Driving In Kampala

Three. That is the number of dog carcasses I have seen the last week. Lying spread-eagled  in the middle of the road, right at that central line. Blood and hair and guts. I never see any bones, just red and... Continue Reading →

look at you with your slithering tongue dripping honey sweetness for my lips shredding my every defence   you with those intense wondrous eyes full of promise and ice seeing through me telling no tales   you with those tender... Continue Reading →

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