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i wanted you to want me like he did to┬álove her less than you did to look into my heart and tell the story of a girl who sowed love on a sandy beach the waves came back for you... Continue Reading →


It was when he said the fifth Amen in the same sentence that I began to question my presence in his church. His name was projected on the large screen in block orange letters, the chair I was seated on,... Continue Reading →

Medicine, Beauty and what lies between.

It was a loud voice. The kind of voice that can not make a whisper. An authoritative baritone that commanded attention and invoked judgement with its arrogance. I found myself judging the man behind that voice. I imagined he would... Continue Reading →

Yet another (not) love story..

The worst thing about loving some one is the uncertainty of whether or not they love you back. I excitedly made my way to his office to return the report which I hopped this time didn't have any errors. He... Continue Reading →

Of black dresses and crimson lips…

I could have loved him.. He loved her. This was something that shook me so much I didn't recognize myself. Jealousy. The green eyed monster that restlessly roams looking for a warm heart to rest. For somebody with a very... Continue Reading →

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