That is the number of dog carcasses I have seen the last week. Lying spread-eagled  in the middle of the road, right at that central line. Blood and hair and guts. I never see any bones, just red and brown. Is it a brown dog thing? I have never seen a white or black dog lying lifeless and mangled in the street. It is always the brown dogs that rot and eventually seep into the tarmac, or does someone eventually clean it up? I have seen three dogs at all different levels of decomposition, in the road over the past seven days.

I always wonder about who knocks these dogs into the next life. Details like how big or small their cars are, how fast they are going, do they scream in horror? Do they slam their brakes down and run out of their cars to assess the damage? Does the impact leave a dent on their cars? What happens to the people who relieve the world of one less dog? Or in the case of the last week, three dogs?

I wonder. Do they call a vet to save the dog’s life? Or shove the dying dog into the back of the car and rush it to the nearest animal clinic? Do the people, the passersby and Boda-boda men surround the scene of the crime? Do they try to lynch the dog murderer? Does he feel any remorse? Or does he mindlessly roll his window down, see the whimpering dog and drive off?

I keep referring to the driver of the car that knocks brown dogs down as a “HE”, because according to this study, the ratio of men to women violating traffic laws is way up there… What are the odds that the person who sends a little four legged mammal to the tarmac, literally, will be a woman?

I see the dogs, the fragments of what was, the gruesome image of man’s best friend and speed on too, because I  am not particularly fond of dogs. In fact, I have a clean dislike for anything that is not human. I loathe cats, I am terrified of spiders, lizards and frogs send me running and chicken just really irk me, but dogs, those I reserve my hate for. So another murdered dog in the streets is not something I will likely lose sleep over. The memory will be out of my mind as soon as I turn the next corner. But three in the same week? Not so much. This the has got to be a representation of a deeper problem.

I do however, really worry about how this visual must be for the dog lovers. The guys who post cuddly pictures with their dogs on Instagram. The people who approach large feral dogs with open arms and pat their heads and tickle their necks. I wonder how the sight and smell of rotting dog in the road makes them feel. Does it ignite feelings of  rage? Loss? Sympathy for its puppies left behind? Or is it c’est la vie all the same?


The case of the three rotting carcasses in the middle of the road can only be one of two things. Dogs lives don’t matter or Ugandan drivers have lost all patience for the dog that crossed the road. Either way, do not let your fate be likened to a brown dog’s. Look left, right and left again before you cross the road. Do not be one of the 28.9% of the Ugandans involved in a motor accident. Do not be just another statistic, a fraction of the thousands of motorists who find themselves up leg up in the Mulago hospital accident ward. Walk safe and drive safe, do  not be another dog murderer. Frankly, the sight of it is sickening!