Wow! This went straight to the heart.


I hate eulogies. Like political campaign speeches, they’re fancy, empty words seldom reflecting the true feelings of the speaker for the deceased. Why speak this flowery language to the dust if it was unspoken between breaths? Why compose beautiful odes to yesterdays that can’t be appreciated by the muse? We rely on the living for that. Eulogies are polished until they can wring hearts and tingle tear ducts. Well received, it elicits praise from mourners, stroking the ego of the speaker. And yet, here I am rehearsing one in my head.

I’m sitting next to your mom and two sons. Your husband is markedly absent for reasons you already know. Your mom’s white handkerchief is stained a light brown from wiping sweat, and sometimes tears. She’s staring straight ahead at the reverend sermonising. I look down at the words I’ll be reading to the mourning crowd in a few minutes…

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