2016 is coming to a fast end, and If you are to develop one habit this year, let it be jogging.

With the increased rate of death from lifestyle related diseases, we need to do our part in creating healthy and wholesome lifestyles. The vast benefits of this cardiovascular pot of gold range from refreshing the mind to boosting fitness and weight management. It is a miracle what these 30 minutes a day could do for you.

Naturally, it takes discipline and a relentless attitude to make exercise a part of your daily routine, a part of your life and for this habit to develop, you need To want it, Believe you can do it, set goals and purpose to accomplish them daily. Eat right, learn more about endurance and time management.


Contrary to popular belief, exercise takes up very little time. 30- 45 minutes a day are enough to leave your body and mind fresh and rejuvenated.
Another common misconception is that jogging, exercise in general is only geared to weight loss. We all need to incorporate exercise into our lives despite our weight goals and body sizes. Being thinner does not guarantee you a healthy heart and lower cholesterol levels. Only exercise and a balanced diet packed with fiber, fruit and vegetables can.
Start by walking. Walking has been proven to be a great exercise and stress reliever. Soon you will be able to run. But remember its only exercise. It’s not the Olympics. With time, your speed and endurance will grow and then you can set higher goals. Always remember that the only bad exercise is exercise you haven’t done.

Fitness requires commitment. But the good news is that the more you Challenge yourself, the easier and more rewarding it will get.
I have been jogging daily for over 6 years now and have come to appreciate the stress relieving ability of this full body exercise. I would encourage everyone to grab a pair of comfortable shoes, preferably snickers. Make sure that they are light and fit perfectly then hit the road. Of course with road work comes the risk of being run down by a motorist so it is imperative that you keep right and a safe distance off the road. To maximize your jogging experience, get a partner with the same desire to boost fitness so you could always encourage and keep accountability of each other.says Gloria, a personal trainer in Kampala.

Another myth is the belief that weight begins to shed when you start jogging. Weight loss, is gradual and slow. You may even gain weight within the first months of your fitness journey. the point is to keep on going. Let  health and fitness be your primary goal and you will be amazed at the positive changes your body will undergo.

Jogging is a powerful physical and mental health tool With the ability to eliminate  anxiety, colds, frequent headaches and restlessness. It’s one of the few exercises that will give your body a full work out and it involves no money in the form of gym and health club fees, only a little time and will. It is a stress buster and a perfect way to manage weight.  Coupled with a balanced diet, you will be certain to live a long disease free life. It goes without saying the importance of eating right in attaining fitness goals. No amount of jogging can outwit a bad diet. A diet laden with saturated fat, too much salt, processed sugars and simple carbohydrates is discouraged as it shoots your cholesterol levels and increases cardiovascular risk and obesity.

As we take stock of our accomplishments this year and set targets for the next year, let us focus on boosting our fitness and make jogging and healthy eating a lifestyle, a life long hobby.