Sometimes it is not well with my soul. I’m not having a moment, I’m not low on Faith, and I’m not being pessimistic. It simply is, not well. Maybe something happened that needs processing and eventually absolving.

Some tears really don’t have lessons. They’re just tears. Some mistakes aren’t going to end up as a lesson. They are simply mistakes. Probably as a result of being dumb or not paying enough attention.

Sometimes the Sun doesn’t shine. Morning comes and you are back where you were before you closed your eyes.

Sometimes you find thorns but no roses.

Sometimes all your best wishes are met with indifference and coldness. And the love you give abundantly is tried and tested, questioned and doubted, trivialized and lessened, and there is no silver lining in sight.

Sometimes it really isn’t worth it.

But sometimes it is. And when it is, It is worth all the times it wasn’t.

Keep giving, keep loving and keep the faith. Soon things will be brighter.