Images: @ninnojackjr

God be enough for me.

The rising sun so grand and elegant. Shining its beauty for all the world to see.

The mystical moon in all its faces, giving life to our nights but asking for naught.

The rain pours and seasons change, taking yesterday with them.

I walk faithless, I seek no wisdom and play deaf to your commands.

For the stars that illuminate our nights. With the power to adorn the world, they sit content.

You are enough for the rivers that flow endlessly and tirelessly.

I am only but a sinner. And with every breath I ask for more.

The birds fly and the lions roar. You are enough for them.

The falls rage on beautifully, screaming and slithering in your glory.

The mountains stand high and mighty. Looking on at what you have done.

I desire what is not mine, be enough for me.


The skies so vast, blanketing us in calming hues of blue, all beauty at your feet.

The oceans boundless and majestic, make music with their waves,

I tell lies and preach false truths. Be enough for me.

The hills and valleys, a perfect marriage you breathed. They rise and fall but never waver.

I fall short and demand for more. Be enough for me.

I wear sin like fine silk and sing false praises. Be enough for me.

The moon meets the sun to shine your perfection in an eclipse.

Allow my strides to exude confidence. I need you alone.

Still my anxious heart, walk me in Grace.

Teach my heart to seek your truth, rest me in your father’s love.