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September 2016

Strong Medicine.

You cured me of me. I got sick of being. Of carrying around a heart so heavy that I often reminded myself to breathe. I got nagged by the constant anxiety and restlessness that plagued my life. I was at... Continue Reading →


My Stand.

I stand in Faith, He gives me life. I harbour no fear, His Grace abounds. My feet get weak, He gives me strength. I stay standing because He keeps on loving.

The Things I am Not.

I will never be my mother's gorgeous hair. Bouncy and black as coal. A mane of glory. Hers is the crown of beauty. A tale of all that hair should be. But I am patience to love my own lesser... Continue Reading →

Be Enough For Me.

God be enough for me. The rising sun so grand and elegant. Shining its beauty for all the world to see. The mystical moon in all its faces, giving life to our nights but asking for naught. The rain pours... Continue Reading →

For the departed.

I eulogized and laid a wreath with the promise of excruciating grief and emergence on the other side, bigger, better and stronger. But when does this promise mature? When will your absence not be my first thought in the morning?... Continue Reading →

Reading Chimamanda Ngozi’s Americanah.

I spent the better part of this week reading this book and I am impressed by what I found hidden in these 350 pages. The sameness of African culture in aspects like respect for elders, reverence for origin and tradition,... Continue Reading →

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