Take your destiny.

Sunday morning worship brings you no heaven when you slip back into your system come Saturday night.

Neither does having a recurring dream you won’t chase.

What that does is bring you close enough so to feel it, taste it and want it so bad that it should become your new system.

The journey to Destiny is a long hard walk. Change is preached on a daily basis and more often than not we go on to talk about writing our own ground breaking destinies. We want to inspire songs and tales, be symbols of success and achievement and icons of a well lived life. Our victories to echo and to have that echo change a million lives.

But we are too afraid. We are fearful of the unknown. Afraid of falling so hard we don’t dare fly. We don’t take that the first step. Worried and fearful of oblivion. Forgetful that everything is unknown until its known.

All oceans too deep till you’ve taken a swim,

Every mountain too high until it’s been climbed.

Open your mind break those chains of fear that enslave you. Dare to stand against your history of mistakes and broken dreams. Dream again. Feel that pressure that builds from too much passion. Let it seep through the fear and all the inhibitions that hold you back. Let it be seen by the world. Let the world appreciate the golden beauty that has been masked by self under representation. Break the chain of mental oppression. Do not play victim to your pessimism because the world runs on the victories of the dreamer. .

Do not be afraid to sing praises on Sunday for fear you won’t live through it come Saturday night. You can break it all down so you can build it all up back again. Demolish all the stereotypes and social walls erected so high all around you and build walls of your own. Surround yourself with confidence and character that nothing should corrupt your dream.

No one knows your dream like you do and nobody deserves to direct it. Nobody will take your path, it’s a path to be taken all the same. Do not deny the world your presence and your contribution by keeping still. No one walks your walk and wears your shoes. And nobody will wear your crown when you’ve crossed the finish line.

Fear is the lie. Not your ambition and not your experiences. Your imagination is. And all that power you’ve given to fear needs to be reclaimed. Use that power to row your boat ever so strongly that you may come ashore. Where your paradise lies, where you’ll find your destiny and where your heart will come to rest.

Fear not. Because you can change that tomorrow. Your future doesn’t have to replicate your past. Do not be afraid to set new resolutions with incomplete ones. Find your power and use it to elevate you to the heights you desire. Boldly, fiercely and unapologetically go after those dreams and make them tangible.

Then you won’t have to write your own history.