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April 2015

Take your destiny. Sunday morning worship brings you no heaven when you slip back into your system come Saturday night. Neither does having a recurring dream you won’t chase. What that does is bring you close enough so to feel... Continue Reading →


“Dare to Stand out of the Crowd,” says Ugandan Rapper Edwin Ruyonga

This Is Uganda


EDWIN Ruyonga is a man on a mission. Unarguably, he has redefined hip-hop in Uganda. He is known for his trademark beats, and great voice. He describes himself as a son, a brother, husband, father, friend, rapper and above all a Christian. In this day and age, where liberalism of the mind has taken centre stage and morals have been thrown to the kerb, his music is a tool to encourage the young people of Uganda to defy the culture of permissiveness and promiscuity to do the right thing.

His message is to tell people that it is a cool thing to have good morals and to have options, ‘sorry, we’re monogamous over here mami is a line from one of his songs. The young people are busy trying to fit into the party but he believes that just because everybody is doing it doesn’t mean it is…

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Ugandan Girl in Shanghai

This Is Uganda

Meet Nantongo Mercy Angela a Ugandan Student living and studying in Shanghai, China.  She is a poet, feminist, blogger, a lover of life and people. She shares with us her story.

Nantongo Mercy Angela... Used with Permission

Briefly tell us about yourself!

Haha this is always the hardest of the questions! Let’s see, I turned 21 on 24th March. Yay me! I’ve loved the colour purple and lions since age 6 (yes, I’m that loyal!), I’m a Muganda of Nkima clan (I take so much pride in that it even needs publication lol),committed Catholic that was raised by her Muslim mother. I read too much it’s been said I read unnecessary things but, I just can’t help it. I listen to so many genres of music that I can’t really narrow down my type anymore but Viva La Vida is my favourite album of all time. (Don’t judge!)

 Share with us your educational History, please!


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