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Beyond Commitments and Declarations, What Next for Women? 

In the early 1990s, the world recognized the urgent need for individual empowerment, for women especially, as the sure path to sustainable development. The general consensus at the first International Conference for Population and Development was that global prosperity would... Continue Reading →

Women Should Control their Reproductive Health

The same decision could mean death or life for women with varying levels of access, information and income in Uganda. At the end of last year I spoke with a lady in Kamuli (eastern Uganda) district and a teenager in... Continue Reading →

Public Hospitals Will Not Save You, Your Friends Just Might

Uganda’s healthcare system is dangerously miserable. The concept of free or even affordable treatment at government hospitals is long dead with constant drug stock outs, corruption and lack of equipment. In contrast, private health care keeps getting better but more... Continue Reading →

Menstrual Health Management: Can Menstrual Cups Keep More Girls in School?

Some days are harder than others and if you are a woman, these days come must around every month. Beyond the cramps – stomach and back pain, emotional and mental turmoil, many girls are forced to miss 3-5 days of... Continue Reading →

Death on the Highway

I always imagined I would die in a car accident. It would be predestined, not even the seat belt would save me. A car driving at a high speed would ram into my side of the car and BAM! My... Continue Reading →

Unsafe Abortions are putting more women and girls’ lives at risk every year.

Rita (not real name) is a 33-year-old woman who in 2017 came close to losing her life after drinking a herbal mixture that she was told would end her pregnancy. A subsistence farmer in Kamuli district, Rita was three months... Continue Reading →

The Girl’s Room

You and a group of friends arrived at Mr. Mugisha’s compound with the last echoes of the sun on a Thursday evening, eager and joyful, ready for all Maria’s Giveaway ceremony would bring. Her boyfriend of ten years had, six... Continue Reading →

Sharing Domestic and Care Work to Harmonize Men and Women’s Efforts in a Fast Changing World.

We look at men carrying babies and washing bottles with admiration and gratitude while women doing these same things are barely noticed, because this is their role. When men cook in their homes, it is cause for celebration and an... Continue Reading →

Rolls and Flabs: In The Beginning, We Are Mostly Little  People Until We Get Fat

I always try not to tell this story. I fail. I could probably try harder but sometimes you have a story that is dying to get out and like a fart, the more you suppress it, the harder it fights... Continue Reading →

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